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A Shade of Gray

Ansel Adams, one of the most famous photographers of all time, came up with the Zone System. It consists of 10 discrete observable tones. Today, with the wealth of tools available to us, we can fix color problems based on the Zone System. Photographers try to highlight different tones when they compose a picture to create something that is like the human visual system. The human can see about 100 to 150 tones or steps of value change. So with 256 steps of a digital grayscale image - there are more than enough to represent a continuous smooth tone. But it is the professional photographer who experiments with methods of making color so that it can be just what we want it to be. Often it is color that is far from reality that excites, and moves us. Secret be known, it is Ansel Adams that simplified all this for us, and for his own use - for variations of that vast dynamic range of color that are so fun to play with. 

CURVOLOGY STUDIO is celebrating Gray! Our new gray epoxy floor is installed (shown here) and we will soon have a railing system installed for our beautiful backdrops. See YOU in The Studio. Announcements for models are coming soon!     

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