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Curvology Studio Print Prices

Please use the prices below to make your own package.

Size Good - High Quality Better - Lustre Laminate
5X7 $15 $45
8X10 $20 $60
11X14 $40 $85
16X20 $80 $175
16X24 $100 $215
20X24 $125 $230
20X30 $160 $300
24X30 $200 $380
30X40 $280 $490*

Good is a high quality product with a glossy coating from our professional labs with advanced equipment that can read all the color data and that looks as it did in on our screens.
Better is the same quality product with a lustre laminate applied. It is mounted to protect from warping and laminated to protect from abrasions. Framing will work without glass. Details and colors of the image are enhanced by the coating. 

*Note: due to large size a spray is applied rather than laminate.

Curvology Studio Canvas Prices 

Size Good - Quality Canvas Better - Fine Art Canvas
8X12 $135 $240
11X14 $145 $275
16X20 $220 $380
16X24 $310 $420
20X30 $390 $550
24X30 $435 $640
24X36 $450 $735
30X40 - $920
40X60 - $1560

Good is a beautiful museum quality archival canvas with a glossy laminate, and a unique bonding process, no frame needed, ready to hang.
Better is a fine art gallery wrap museum quality canvas, stretched on an artist’s frame with a lustre or glossy laminate finish and 1.5 inch wrap, ready to hang, no frame needed.   

Please give us a call if you have any questions about the sizes or the finish of these popular  products.  

We are pleased to offer new products and specials from time to time which we are happy to share with you when you come in to see images from your photo-session with Curvology Studio.

All of our policies are meant for everyone. If you need clarification please call 303-476-1262.

Prices and studio policies are subject to change without notice.
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