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Puppy Parents

I had so much fun hanging out with Wrex, only 7 weeks old with a twinkle and a wink in his eyes. His parents have created a world of love, safety, and care. This photo-shoot is only the beginning. Can you imagine all the momentous changes twelve short months will bring?

New Puppy Photography

It is a myth that you must take a dominant position to prevent a puppy from trying to take over your house. Parenthood is the better word to use. Dogs are flock animals, and a natural respect that starts when they are a pup will last a lifetime. Puppies are prepared to be raised as they would be in nature which is a relationship of total trust. Your puppy expects you to be as caring as his mother has been. He will learn a few rules and things, but not all of them at once. And never, ever in a scary way. 

Puppies have a language of their own that as they grow through adolescence and onward to become adults will include how they learn to approach other dogs; and, how they diffuse an aggressive or rushed approach by another dog (hint: they need space to do that, not a leash pulled tighter and tighter so they have no room to avoid eye contact). Puppies raised without fear tune into this canine language and even learn to calm their owners. His turning away from you, slowing down, crouching when you call (especially if the voice used is short, or angry) are all attempts to use the language he would use in nature to calm another animal. A safe, secure & patient puppy-hood will give him the confidence to develop this language and grow up to be the well-adapted dog you want to have in your family. Teach your puppy with kindness.   

New Puppy Photography

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