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New Year, One Word

ZPeakThru.jpgThe next 365 days are delicious bites from a slow cooked meal, or they can be! They can be expansive with your own kind of momentum, with clear belief, vision and intention. One of my favorite women with an abundance of wisdom, Gail Gaspar, who happens to transform lives as a life coach (I believe she would transform lives doing anything, because that's who she is) invites us to select one word for every new year. One word that embodies a quality. Not a boring & overwhelming goal - but a quality that we want to express AND to have "show up" for us throughout the year.  

My one word comes from my desire to feel lighter and have a sense of greater freedom & momentum. Every morning, I wake up to a menagerie of things on my desktop and embedded in various folders. Have you been there? eBooks, online courses, new ideas, articles, sales tips, must-have marketing programs, latest techniques and actions for photo processing, 5 ways to do business in today's world, 10 ways to be more efficient, more creative, more effective. These are endless reminders hovering in the shadows of each workday that remind me to, in essence, "be more." I have enough information purchased and already reviewed to last one year. But I believe in always learning, planning ahead, staying on trend, and strategizing.  So, is there a compromise? 

My one word = Applied. If I cannot actually APPLY a healthy portion of the next thing I bring into my world and into my life in the 5 days following - then I will pass it by. That's the deal. I think it will be a game changer for me. 

What might be your word for 2018? According to Gail, "... choosing one important word will soften (versus toughen) your approach to goal setting. It can serve to remind you of what you want to achieve. You often may find you will reach the goal in less time and with less resistance."  

Here is a link to Gail's website: Whether it's sticking to decisions, or revitalizing an aspect of your personal or professional life, Gail brings world-class results.

Peek into the next 365 days and choose Your WORD!  

It's 2018! 

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