Making portraits that reach into your story
and the greatness that is always there.

Grand Plans

It takes a crew to plan a major studio re-do. I want to thank a great contractor, Blane, for his solid expertise and help! Blane spent hours in the studio on a pretty cold and already busy day he had started much earlier. We had a set of instructions, three aluminum tubes, a triple set of gears, two amazing canvas backdrops on wooden dowels, and a challenge to put a backdrop lift into the right place, level it to perfection, plan for expansion, and still protect this beautiful addition to our portrait studio. Well, you know? We (he) did it! This is a thrilling step in a wonderful journey for me. It began 4 years ago as a starry-eyed dream. I hit a few speed bumps along the entrepreneurial path, but I am still making things happen with joy in my heart for what we will be able to offer you, our client. Enjoy the pictures as we continue to polish things up in here! 

Curvology Photography Studio

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We would love a chance to get to know you and your pet(s), your space, or anything else that pertains to your inquiry.

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