Making portraits that reach into your story
and the greatness that is always there.

The Eyes Have It

I feel good. My ultimate pal, Sadie, is by my side. She came into our lives at such a demolished time of loss. And then she brought us back to the basics. We laughed, we were amazed at her complete & immediate trust. She looked directly into our eyes and her eyes said in a thousand ways: I want to be loved and accepted. And my goodness, how she has loved us. (check out the Pet Gallery for plenty of pictures of my lovely & confident Sadie-lady; you can't miss her). 

My love of dogs began with my handsome Collie, Kimmy, pictured here. His fancy name was Brigadoon's

Childhood Dog​​​​​​​

Kimbro Star. He was always with me during those awkward teen years. We entered dog shows and while I trained him diligently in obedience, it was more like he showed me more of my own capabilities. Kimmy kept me from feeling as if I was standing alone in life.

Aussie Dog

Indy, my big, beautiful Aussie, came along during my own kids' awkward teen years. He was a constant & unconditional presence during our many moves. He did so much for our family. He was so powerful, but such a sensitive and caring dog. He had a mind of his own and took me to task when I was unsure of our teamwork. We entered agility contests. But he truly showed his intelligence and giddy side when we took up canine freestyle. Yes, that is the international sport of dog dancing! I found songs and matched them to his athletic gait & we playfully intertwined our bodies as he weaved through my legs, twirled in a frenzy and bounced to the beat! I will never forget the gleam in his eyes when we worked together. His passing - this past August, at age 14 - was a milestone - as he was my kids' companion throughout their childhood. Again and always, my tears are welling. 

I have rescued and returned many dogs to their owners. I rescued our dog, Trooper, at a young puppy age. He was running wild in a busy intersection, through rush-hour traffic. I stopped my car, got out in a turn lane, lowered myself to his eye level and called his floppy, furry face over to me. Thankfully, he came. Later, came along my smooth-haired Collie, Jessie, who found her way into our hearts from a shelter. She knew her place was at the top of the canine pack. Trooper grew to be a tall, graceful silky haired mix of a Belgian-Shepherd. Jessie was boss to him, and our gruff German-Shepherd-Airedale, too. We had three dogs, and a little white-haired, completely deaf kitten, when our first baby arrived to expand our family. That's a lot of scooping and changing! But quadruple the joy as those gentle sets of eyes held all the love!

My love of dogs has brought me way back to where I belong today.

With furry friends in front of my camera lens, I am making the transition on behalf of Curvology Studio to become a full-time Pet Photography service. Thank you for your patience as we make this change. If you find yourself thinking about the ups and downs of life, remember to turn to your pet's eyes. For as you breathe - their eyes have you covered, eyes filled with love.  



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