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Drippin' In Finesse

I love Bruno Mars! And, while I'm cautious here - please don't take insult if I use his words to get this on the table: hire a professional photographer for your lifelong photos! Yeah, we got it goin' on, got it goin' on . . . You know it, you know it

Bruno's words are perfect. Here are three reasons for hiring a pro for making your precious memories easy & painless: Don't it feel good to be us, ay?  

1) Blame it on my confidence . . . Professional gear is set up to work with advanced software tools that allow for a fine-tune look to the final picture. In-camera images are not usually at their best. Re-sizing, changing or correcting color balance, cropping, re-touching are all done to make things appear their most amazing. 

2) Oh, blame it on your measurements . . . Shut that shit down on sight . . . naw, this is not lost on me, but it has your attention, therefore, do I now have a smidgeon of your attention? Your phone is not the truest of cameras. It does not have the sensor size needed for prints, if that is what you want to save or give as a gift. And, you might miss a precious moment without the ability to fix a shot taken in bad lighting. 

3) Out here drippin' in finesse . . . Check out the Before & After of lovely pup Sammie. Even pros make mistakes. Sometimes, the sweetest expression is captured in the initial test shots. Here - in the Before - Sammie is a bit overexposed. There is no detail in his white fur. You might notice in the After - there are a few things that have been fixed, changed or enhanced. ( I won't make a Where is Waldo? type of challenge here but at least 6 things have been done). To keep this blog short, and us both outside in the beautiful Spring weather, I will end once again with Bruno's words: Yeah, we [you & me] got it goin' on, got it goin' on . . . Whatever you do, don't forget these moments, the fleeting moments of Summer 2018!


BEFORE . . .                                                                                                                                     AFTER . . . 

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