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A Brother for Sadie

It's pretty simple. Sadie has a new brother she adores! I remain constant in my unabiding love for dogs. So we expanded our family to fill our hearts with our new boy, Tucker. Two dogs just feels like the only normal there is. Right?! And Tucker has been so amazing and adaptable to his new home. He has a happy & a bright personality. Being a Great Pyrenees mix, he is hard wired to be attentive to his surroundings. I can see those wheels turning as he is so aware of even the tiniest details in his life. And, he and his sister have given each other total respect and space when they need it (food, sleeping, toys). They have blended their personalities more than I could have imagined. Sadie is once again engaged in life. She was isolating herself after the loss of our sweet Indy, who passed away last summer at age 14. So we opened our hearts and we are celebrating Tucker this month, finding his forever home after being surrendered. Adopting a mature dog that needs your ability to commit, train and provide stability is the most rewarding and fulfilling way to give back. In honor of our new boy, we are offering to waive the session fee for your pet's portrait. NO SITTING FEE for your pet photo session through the end of July, 2017. Reach out to us & BOOK YOUR SPOT! See  you in the studio, on-location, or in your home! Both Dogs.jpg 

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