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After Independence Day

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Celebrate Independence Day! Celebrate what is inspiring about living with dogs! Here is how you can avoid having to search for your missing dog after the last streak of ketchup is wiped off the picnic table, the last burger is eaten and the last lane is cleared so you can finally head home with a car load of colorful and awe-inspiring memories. 

There is nothing like the noise and fear in your dog's eyes and tucked tail, to remind us that bringing a dog into our lives is a major commitment. No dog can confess to all the things that stress them out, or give them fear, anxiety, joy, or doubt. But there is a preview, it is always in their body language (if we pay attention). Just as I watched every eyelash and breathe of my human babies as they grew, I also watch the body language of my canine children. On this holiday, I make them - my furry, whiskered children at home - a priority.  Here are some affirmative tips to help make the jarring for them but fun-filled-for-humans holiday work out with you being the best caring & loving parent you can be to all. And who wants to avoid the tear-streaked, stricken faces of young children not knowing where their beloved dog is when they arrive home?  


Keep your dogs and pets safely away from fireworks.

Keep them comfy by turning on a radio or the TV to mask the jarring sounds.

If you DO take your pet to an event, make sure you are conscious of their level of being spooked. Secure them in a safe place with you during the event.

Consider boarding or hiring a pet sitter so you can leave your home & go out with peace of mind while you're gone.

Check into medications for your dog per your trusted vet. 

Consider a Thunder Shirt that snugs up around your dog. Babies love being snuggled or wrapped, so do dogs that are scared.

Play games of fetch, or with a favorite toy and then create a safe space for your dog to retreat with his/her bedding and water. 

Keep up-to-date Tags/ID on your pet this time of year.

My favorite new gadget is a PET ACOUSTICS PET TUNES. It is a cube that comes pre-loaded with frequency modified music to sooth & reduce stress (in dogs, cats, horses, birds). Many shelters use it. Check it out:

Contact your local humane society or shelter if you see someone's escaped & frightened dog.

ENJOY a safe & happy Independence Day!!!!




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