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Welcome 2016

Curvology is making a comeback in beautiful Meridian, Idaho. We sold stuff, donated the kitchen sink (almost) and made a heart-pounding move from Colorado to rediscover an area in Southwestern Idaho we loved years ago. The new studio is featuring photo-shoots to honor others - portraits with the biggest heart of all, and what Curvology Studio is all about. Our portrait focus is on people you want to honor whom have made a difference in your life: mentors, teachers, clergy, grandparents,... Read More

Curvology Studio is moving!

Times are changing this year. Curvology Studio has outgrown the limitations of a residential space! The studio will be relocating! Whether our future lays in Arvada or elsewhere in the beautiful front range area is still to be found. Say tuned!    

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Curvology home search

One of the best parts of finding a new home to share a love of family & how important it is -- is how I am imagining a cozy, country-relaxed atmosphere. A place where we all feel "time rich." I came across this term and I love it. Feeling time rich instead of time poor. Having our families come together in a great space to rejoice in our connection is exactly what makes me feel most rewarded. Your family is my family. I am excited to find just the right way to provide a great... Read More

Caretake Your History

"If we want to keep our brains happy and healthy as we age, we should embrace the power of nostalgia" states Dr. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist. He knows a thing or two about healing and rejuvenating the brain according to a Boomerly website article.  

It's easy to make a habit out of the overcommitting mode - and just maybe we do that with our memories too?  Our stories and how we caretake them ---- may just mean we leave our... Read More

Why Curvology?

I lucked out being able to pursue a dream that began with my Nikon FM film camera in the 80s (pictured here). I took it on my first "corporate escape" to the grandest place: the Teton Mountains in Wyoming where I lived right across from an elk refuge. Decades before now, my path as a "visual engineer" was planted by my grandfather Wayne B. Nottingham - and his compadre of friends in extraordinary places. He was an MIT physics professor (and... Read More

Then print

Click! Then share on social media. Then print. Whoa! 

Many professional photographers worry about the "then print." Is it still important to their customers? Why do we worry? Because there is so much more to this craft than a thumb drive of images. Pros are trained for every aspect of making that beautiful print. Like a boxer is trained for the fight. An intrepid adventurer like John Wesley Powell (Mt. Powell) is trained - not for the "preamble" hike - but to attack the beast at the... Read More

Thanks to a poet

It was a street poet in a chair next to his manual typewriter watching people walk by. I took him up on his offer to write a poem from one word of my choice. His sign said: "A Poem for You ... " next to a donation box. My word was "cheesecake." He tapped the keys of his old typewriter and blew my mind with a profoundly beautiful poem he handed me in 60 seconds. I wanted that inspiration for my photography! I wanted to be able to dissolve my expectations and... Read More

Choice or Decision?

Is there a difference between a choice and a decision? I had a conversation about that today and it led me to think a bit deeper about how to have more of that sweetness in life, that leaving-a-little-bit-of-life-unplanned kind of pure joy. 

Different ways of looking at things feed my mind and who's ever to say who's right? I love considering the answer to this unique question, so here goes: if I decide to forego eating meat and I get all up in a frenzy being around animal flesh, and... Read More

Celebrate the richness and riches of life

Overcommitted perhaps in a Pollyanna sort of "can-do" optimism? Now already caught short on delivery of the "To-Do" holiday list? 

The season of delight can make our days have lots of "hard" in the background but time to take it easy and enjoy
is what will make them just something special. 

Such a mission: to play, share good food and time to tell people in your life how they have counted. 


The inspiration for times yet to come is not the stuff we... Read More

Kindred Sorts For Success

Starting a business is not a unique position, for better or worse, it can be a venture to thrive on! It can truly kick some internal bootie to get things done. There can be some burnout too. 

What is the key to finding that "magic button" to ignite the productivity needed to get it done? To work smart, and do all the things the business gurus talk and write about? I think it is reaching out to other people to ask, yes, ask for input and gulp - even help. To... Read More

Are you ready to cha-cha?

When I want to play in my studio I sometimes conspire with my best pal Sadie. From early on she has always sensed how way cool it is to have her picture taken. Here she is in front of a medium format 4X5 camera on the stairs. 

She is so full of confidence and "in the game!" She is so fine and incredibly calm. Sadie is just plain good at being who she is when in front of a camera lens. Not such a natural thing for we humans when we are faced with a quick photo-op!

I was having... Read More

Website Development

I found the process of creating a website for my new business brought out many insecurities that were hiding within me. There is an unstoppable, and many times confusing flow of information about website design along with pressure to produce a successful one.

I have learned that the SiteWired web solutions team are the best people to do the job! 

I did my due diligence and obtained a bunch of detailed proposals from across the U.S. The process and the service from SiteWired... Read More


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